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part of me loves this (professional) part of me hates it (personal). 

To promote a new line of anti-aging facial products, Burt’s Bees is asking consumers to click on a link that will automatically add a series of eight weekly calendar items.

On the first Tuesday after opting in, for example, users will see an appointment at 12:30 p.m. for a “Meeting to Discuss Your Beautimousness,” with Burt’s Bees listed as the location. “This meeting is to discuss your mind-blowing beautimousness,” begins a message in the notes section. “It should only take a few minutes, but we feel it is necessary to remind you just how beautimous you are. Imaginary lunch will be provided.”

Another appointment encourages taking a break to whistle (“Did you know that whistling is scientifically proven to brighten your mood?”).

as someone who is practically married to my calendar, its smart to get in on this but is it too invasive?

via (@nytimes)


Quail Egg Toast with Chèvre, Beetroots and Cardamom Coffee

Quail eggs are a delicacy dating back to ancient Egypt. Back then, the quail chick hieroglyph was used by Egyptians for a vowel sound that is somewhere between the letters ‘w’ and ‘u’. A sound that is found in the name Tutankhamun. Top quail egg toast off with a little chèvre and beetroot for a breakfast fit for a pharaoh.


If you can’t make it to an art gallery, the art gallery will come to you. Thanks to Los Angeles-based street artist Plastic Jesus, the streets of LA have become an artistic playground. Described as ‘The Banksy of LA’, Plastic Jesus’ work shines ‘a small light into some of those dark corners of society then stands back to watch reactions and opinions’.

Some of the work includes the ‘Best Buy Useless Plastic Box 1.2′ (that was actually installed in a Best Buy store), ‘Credit Trap‘ and ‘R.I.P. 11,428‘ which speaks strongly about gun violence in America. 

Thousands of Ikea product photos get the thumbs up across social media, daily, so the brand enlisted the help of Akestam Holst, Stockholm to help it pay thanks back to its fans. The result is Re-Like, an interactive page featuring a seemingly normal display photo. But if you “Like” it, something very special happens. (via creativity)

its been a crazy couple of days. work took over my weekend and bled into a few late nights this week. after a long night left on a bad note, i found myself waking up super early and just heading into the office. i haven’t been this productive in a while.

i’m not sure what it is. maybe it was a good night’s sleep. maybe the wolf of wall street inspired me last night. maybe it’s because no one was in the office at 7am. maybe its because i was able to listen to my music out loud. maybe its because i’m having a good hair day and confidence is linked to productivity. maybe the side hustle i recently adopted is allowing me to not think about work 100% of the time freeing up some brain space.

i typically preach getting out of the office. once in a rut, i had a mentor who told me to take my work to the tribeca grand lobby. that was one of the best pieces of advice i’ve ever received. soon after this breakthrough, our president at 360i  encouraged everyone to get out of the office and find inspiration elsewhere. my current employer doesn’t actively have this conversation often but i still adhere to this practice. this agency operates on the belief of ‘disruption’ but the office is a place for interruption. i encourage you to take your work somewhere else. hotel lobbies (free wifi + people watching + good design = my dream office) typically do the job for me but parks, bars, coworking space, the beach, a gym, more bars, hell even the stereotypical coffee shops work too. fast company has a great case for taking your work elsewhere. give it a try, see what happens. not all of us are made to work in an office.